About Us

Let us start with the word ‘bad’ bad is the new ‘cool’ cool is the new bad and not the meaning of something not cool quiet the opposite, we could go on about this but we would rather leave something to your imagination.

Bad Mademoiselle – BDM is a sophisticated, sassy Fashion Magazine focusing on Fashion as a whole from Gucci Catwalk to High street vintage shops, The Magazine has prospective  that conjures our mature and young vibrant writers from the United Kingdom and around the world that have  passion for fashion, who are working their way up the ladder of success to be extra creative, in bringing our readers and members the funky-cutting-edge fashion journalism that is captivating.

Badmademoiselle.co.uk was launched in 2013 and has established itself as a hybrid site for up to the minute funky and cutting edge fashion news, entertainment, relationship advice and celebrity news.  It’s visited by both singles and couples between the ages of 18 and 50 who are fashion conscious seeking up-to the fashion, entertainment and celebrity news.  Bad Mademoiselle is geared for women empowerment, covering a wide range of topics from “Women on Top, Women Power, Women, Marriages and Relationships, Lingerie, Boudoir, Love, Sexual Health Tips and to a bit of Bedroom Heat. The majority of our audience is made up of single, affluent, educated women.

BDM is on the route to bridging the huge fashion world into one website, in the distance of one or two clicks.