The art of faking an orgasm: How to fake it convincingly

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No one wants to fake it, but sometimes it just has to be done…

While I do not believe that you should fake an orgasm as it could lead to misunderstandings with your partner and make him think he is doing it right, when he really isn’t.

In an ideal world, no woman would ever have to fake an orgasm. They would just come again and again, naturally, shuddering through your body in climactic waves of bliss. But who are we kidding? That is just not the case unfortunately.

Research shows that between one half and two thirds of women have at some point faked an orgasm (exact stats are difficult as by default, fakers are fibbers).

If you need to fake an orgasm for any reason – to protect your other half’s feelings, you’re stressed or sleepy or you just plain have other stuff to be doing – then follow these tips to faking it like a pro:

1. Build up the gasps
Don’t go from silence to full on screaming. You’ll just scare the poor boy. Start with a few momentum building gasps to let him know you’re on your way.

2. Moan away
There are not that many physical signs that women are having orgasms – hence why men love a bit of moaning and groaning. You don’t have to go all Meg Ryan on him (especially if that’s not your usual style), but a bit of theatrical moaning should do the trick.

3. Keep your eyes closed
It’s harder to fib when staring someone in the eye.

4. Curl those toes
An involuntary spasm that questioning men will look out for.

5. Hold on tight
Grab on to the pillows, the sheets, his back – and show that you are clinging on to the edge of orgasm.



6. Involuntary spasms
Arch your back, clench your thighs, you can even give the old pelvic floor muscles a bit of a tweak if you want to go all out – anything to let him know you are no longer in control of your muscles.

7. Tell him
‘I’m coming’ usually works wonders if you want to take the direct approach.

8. And relax
Smile, giggle, hug him and then head off for a shower.

Hopefully next time, there will be no acting required.

If you find you are becoming a bit of a pro at this, it may be time to check out our guide to asking for what you really want in bed…

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