Jourdan Whitehead: Real beauty and sensuality of womanly curves


Raw, natural, vulnerable, honest, strong, beautiful. These are just a few words I’ve been meditating after the release of this collaboration I am honoured to have been part of, “said plus-size model Jourdan Whitehead on her Instagram to share their artistic nude test to the American blog: The Glamourai. The pictures exude sensuality and I invite you (the reader) to reflect on the relationship of women with their bodies, the collection, the discovery of curves and what is considered beautiful. Depict –  Real beauty and sensuality of womanly curves.

(Photo: Jamie Beck for The Glamourai)

Photo: Jamie Beck for The Glamourai

Produced by Jamie Beck and directed by Kelly framel, the post has not only the lovely photographs of the girl, as well as comments and data about the difficulties that American women have to accept their bodies.“Studies show that most women are dissatisfied with their body – this lack of satisfaction is so present that, in the United States worry about your fitness and weight is considered part of being a woman. How is this normal? Why agree to abide by a strict set of standards that allows no alternative? ”

Accept her curvy body as something sexy and understand it as something sensual and beautiful is still very difficult for many women. The world of advertising, film and fashion reproduces the idea that all this serves only to that thin body and set them to sell as ideal. So the test Jourdan Whitehead is amazing. He comes to de-construct this misconception and show how there is, yes, beauty and free appeal cornering and that your relationship with your body should also go beyond that, must go beyond the aesthetic.

“My body protects me, responds to my thoughts, allow me to move, laugh, cry, breathe and BE. More importantly, my body home to my precious life that is full of hopes, plans, ideas, intelligence and faith. –  Jourdan Whitehead”

"The photo shoot of which I am most proud of to this day" (Photo: Jamie Beck for The Glamourai)

“The photo shoot of which I am most proud of to this day” (Photo: Jamie Beck for The Glamourai)

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