How is Love Making Important

How is love making important in a relationship_Badmademoiselle

The importance of love making in a relationship!
“Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.” (Marilyn Monroe)

A fortnight ago, my best friend came to live with me even though she has her own house in the same city. I did not ask her any questions as I did not mean to pry. Some days later, I found her crying in the bathroom. Being her best friend I was worried and asked the reason for the tears. Between sniffles and 3 boxes of tissues, she told me that she had left her husband. After hearing her reasons for leaving, my brainy antennas started to work and I called up her husband to know the other side of the story. Finally after many phone calls and discussions back & forth, the real reason came out. They hadn’t had sex for the past 6 months.

No love making spells out TROUBLE as it can spill over and into other areas of the relation

No love making spells out TROUBLE as it can spill over and into other areas of the relation

Funny isn’t? A normal married couple did not have sex or make love for the six months. Well, believe me, my friend would not be the first one. There are many couples who do not give enough importance to sex in their relationship. But, according to me it is an integral part of your relationship. For couples who believe otherwise, the reasons are as follows:

Connection: The most basic reason is connection or chemistry between the couple. In this fast paced world, when there is very less time to talk, why not experience how love feels, when you are naked in your partners
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Relieves mind and body stress: Many doctors and psychologists have proven this fact that sex is a great stress buster. Won’t you like to be let go of your stress with a session in the bedroom? Believe me it will bring the spunk back in your step.

A healthy life: Medical experts believe that an orgasm every 24 hours has immense health benefits. Not only does sex effect levels of oxytocin, estrogen and testosterone but also helps in improving cardio vascular health, prevents prostrate cancer and osteoporosis.

A big calorie burner: I have always believed that exercising should be fun. What could be more fun than a dirty session in the bed? Plus, you will burn more than 144 calories in every session. Add sighing and moaning and bingo there goes 18-30 calories. Wow, talk about capitalizing!

So put away the iPads and start getting the bedroom heated!

Hence, don’t shy away from the act. As far as my friend is concerned, she learnt her lesson and went back. Mother of two, she now firmly believes that sex is important (practices it too).

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