BET AWARD: Misspelt Lionel Richie’s Name.

Lionel Richie's name was spelt 'Lionel Ritchie' on screen at the BET Awards. Copyright [Getty]

Lionel Richie’s Name Spelt Wrong For Lifetime Achievement BET Award, Fail
He might have been given the most prestigious award of the night, but that didn’t stop producers from misspelling his name.


Lionel Richie was totally oblivious to the misspelling of his name on viewers’ screens. Copyright [Getty]

Of all the names to misspell, you’d think they’d get the winner of the most prestigious award of the evening correct…

Thank goodness Mr. Lionel Richie’s name was spelt correctly on his BET award.

But apparently producers at the 2014 BET Awards were too sidetracked by Beyonce’s dance moves to spell poor Lionel Richie’s name right as he collected his gong.

While accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award at the bash, the 65-year-old’s name popped up on the screen as ‘Lionel Ritchie’.

Fail. Thankfully, someone senior was clearly looking after the engravings, with Lionel’s name spelt correctly on the actual award itself.

Totally unaware of the on-screen misspelling to millions of Americans, Lionel carried on his emotional acceptance speech.

He told the crowd: “The funny thing about this award tonight is that exactly 35, 40 years ago when I started writing these crazy songs, these are all the songs they told me would ruin my career.

“Sail On, ‘you’re out of your mind’, All Night Long, ‘what the heck are you doing’.  Soul is a feeling, not a colour. Talent is a god given gift and not a category.

“And out of the box is that magical place where talent, true talent, goes to live and thrive and breathe, and may you never give it up as long as you’re in this business.”

Lionel Richie was recognised with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Copyright [Getty]

Lionel Richie was recognised with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Copyright [Getty]

Lionel went on to thank his family and friends for their support, as well as The Commodores, adding: “Without them I would not be standing on this stage, so I honour my brothers for pushing me out and telling me to go higher and higher.

“I have the greatest family in the world, they understand dad is going to be dad, I live in the world and I travel in the world.

“This is my mission on this planet. God has blessed me with so many wonderful things. But this is what I do for a living.”

Pharrell Williams presented Lionel Richie with his award. Copyright [Getty]

Pharrell Williams presented Lionel Richie with his award. Copyright [Getty]

Meanwhile, Jay-Z managed to cause a stir when he hit back at TMZ for releasing THAT elevator footage of him fighting with Solange.

Performing Partition with Beyonce by his side, Jay-Z freestyled his intro, quipping about giving the middle finger to TMZ.

The dig sent the crowd wild, although no one has actually managed to figure out his exact wording as yet (too many beeps for swearing) – watch it below to figure it out yourself.

Beyonce and Jay Z performed 'Partition' together.

Beyonce and Jay Z performed ‘Partition’ together.

Jay and Bey are likely to be holding serious grudges against TMZ after they leaked footage of Bey’s sister Solange kicking and punching Jay-Z at the Met Gala. 

The couple have since been plagued by rumours of a divorce, with ticket sales for their On The Run tour suffering as a result.

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