Stay fashionable even when you are pregnant

stay fashionable even when you_are_pregnant

Become a Preggy Fashion Diva With These Awesome Ideas

Who says you need to compromise on fashion and style just because you have been declared pregnant by your gynecologist? Yes, everyone knows about the bulging tummy and increase in body weight on account of pregnancy. But fashionistas have worked on this and brought out some stylish clothing for pregnant ladies. You can woo your baby bumps with the awesome set of clothes comprising of the maternity wear.

Right kind of t-shirt and jeans to be worn during pregnancy.
You need to select a t-shirt that grows as your belly grows. Go in for materials such as rayon and modal. These materials can handle many washes and will be comfortable as you grow in size. You can go in for a jeans two sizes plus your regular fit. They would be ideal to wear may be in the third trimester when your baby bumps will be showing off in full bloom.

Frock type long tops
Go in for long floral tops which spread like a frock. Your baby bumps will be covered between the frills and you won’t be awkward looking wearing one. You can wear a comfortable pair of leggings to team up the outfit in style. People won’t even make out even if you are 7 months pregnant. And when you go about telling your friends at the evening party that you are pregnant you will get those surprised “Oh my god looks”. What more do you want?

Maternity Kaftans
You get maternity wear kaftans from the online boutiques. These are night wear loose fitting clothes which you can wear with your night pants. Kaftans make you comfortable even while you are working at home during the day. Doctors advise you to take up lot of house hold chores especially during the second trimester and the third trimester in order to have a healthy delivery.Selma Blair Maternity Kaftan Style

Stylish tops
You can search through an exclusive array of maternity tops from the online store to woo your friends and relatives on casual get together. After all pregnancy is the time of your life. You are going to be a mom soon. You have your husband pampering you to the 7th skies. So pick whatever you want as long as it keeps you happy.

Polka dotted maternity gowns
These dotted gowns are a must pick for would be mothers. The printed dots conceal your huge tummy to a considerable extent. Go ahead.