The Classic Little Black Dress


A little black dress is an essential item to have in your wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down, and is perfect for a party, a formal occasion, a meal out or even as work wear when combined with the right accessories. A LBD can be short, long, low neck, high neck, tight, loose, whatever you want. It’ll never be unfashionable, and provides a perfect mix of elegance, simplicity and versatility. Got nothing to wear? You can always rely on a LBD to save the day, so it’s vital that you choose the right cut, style and fabric that best suits you.

There’s nothing more classic and sexy than a LBD, so experiment with different lengths and cuts to find out what looks best. They usually range from mid-thigh to just below the knee, and your choice probably depends on what you’re most likely to wear it for and your age. There’s a dress for every height, shape and size, so just keep trying until you find one you love.

If you have quite pale skin, wearing black can make some people feel like they look a bit drained or pasty, but this doesn’t mean that they should be avoided. If black doesn’t suit you, try a dress with a lower or deeply rounded neckline and straps instead of sleeves, this keeps the black away from your face and won’t make you look paler.

Accessories can change a LBD from being a work wear outfit to a party dress. Choose the right shoes, whether they’re heels or flats, black or colourful, they will draw people’s attention because they become a feature piece when you’re wearing an all-black ensemble. If you’re comfortable doing so, high heeled red shoes complement a black dress perfectly. Use jewellery to add some extra style or a little bit of sparkle. Diamonds and pearls especially stand out against a black backdrop. Consider adding a belt to cinch in the waist and give you more shape if you fancy changing the look of your dress. Bags have the same affect as shoes, they become a statement part of your outfit. It doesn’t have to match your dress or shoes but it should blend in well. A small clutch bag is ideal for an evening look, especially if they’re in a sparkling colour.

Black is practical as well as stylish and sexy, it can make the transition from day to evening easily, it’s slimming, hides imperfections, and can be worn as often as you like.

If you really don’t like little black dresses, or feel that you can’t find one to suit you, little white dresses are also fashionable at the moment for the summer. This is a twist on a classic look, but since these come in such a wide range of styles, it might be worth having a look.