How to Look Beautiful Even When You Are Sick

woman that look sick_badmademoiselle

Coming down with flu or a bad case of cold? Well then I would say it is a very bad time for you. I personally believe that cold and flu are one of the worse diseases as it makes you feel like an invalid. But you can still not help getting rid of it in a shot time. So, till the time you are sick, there is no reason to lose that beautiful face of yours.

Yes, you are sick, but that does not mean that you should look like a pink monster. There are many ways of getting a little cheerfulness in your face at the time of your illness. Check the below tips to know more:

• Carry a box of lotion treated tissues as this will prevent a Rudolph nose every time you blow it.
• In order to avoid that parched look slather an intense facial moisturizer. This will keep your face hydrated at all times of the day.
• When you have cold, try and sleep on a raised pillow as this will drain the fluids from your face.
• To get rid of puffy eyes, wet and freeze two tea bags and place them on you eyes for 15 minutes while lying down. You can also try to refrigerate your eye cream as it will feel very refreshing on your tired eyelids.
• Get rid of bloodshot eyes by using an eye drop that soothes and lubricates them.
• Always use a primer before you apply make up on the days that you are sick. Your make up will stay put even with all that rubbing, sneezing and nose blowing.
• I personally like to conceal the redness and get a pale glow on my face with a highly pigmented concealer when I am down with cold and flu (which is quite often).
• Last but not the least, try and stay away from the regular foundation and powder when you are sick as it will easily become cakey when you are dehydrated.

How to look beautiful even when you are sick is not a question to be answered but it needs to be felt. Always have that beautiful smile on your face when you are sick. Look in the mirror, close your eyes and let your inner beauty radiate around you.