Top 10 Yoga Facial Exercises


Face YogaThere are numerous anti-aging exercises that speak of weight loss and body toning, so much so that it seems as if the face is completely immune to the aging process. In fact, if you search the internet, you will observe that even brain health seems to be a better researched topic, though modern medicine understands the working of bones and muscles (human anatomy) far better than it understands the workings of the brain.

While the obvious impulse with regard to the face is to turn to commercial beauty products (or even herbal ones), one needs to realize that there are two aspects to anti-aging, one being the externally brought about aspects and the other being a healthy transition from within the body, both of which are doubtlessly significant.

A few of the ways to prevent facial aging are available in yoga, which provides us with a bunch of facial exercises that focus on strengthening and stretching the approximately fifty muscles of the face in order to increase their elasticity.

In practice, you will see the benefits of these exercises in the form of a decrease in the number and intensity of wrinkles and fine lines on the face, the latter of which are often termed crow feet. Besides, you will observe sagging eyes and other general puffiness on the face too decreasing with the help of yoga facial exercises. As an added benefit, yoga exercises of all kind help the body de-stress, which is significant considering stress is one of the primary causes of facial aging.

1.The fish face

Not to be confused with the duck face, the fish face involves puckering your lips out completely and then smiling such that the ‘O’ created between your lips while puckering is maintained. Then, suck in the ends of your lips in the gaps left between your upper and lower teeth; inhale slowly while doing so and then relax the posture while exhaling slowly. Repeat this about eight to ten times.

2.The lion face

As part of the lion face, you need to inhale deeply through your nose while simultaneously clenching your fists and tightening your facial muscles in sync with your breathing. Then, exhale slowly through your mouth while unclenching your fists and rolling out your tongue. Repeat this procedure about ten times.

3.The puppet face

The puppet face concentrates on muscles slightly higher on the face, more specifically the cheek area (the earlier two exercises are more beneficial to muscles around the lip area). To do this exercise, smile such that as many teeth as possible are showing. Then, gently raise the muscles between your lips and cheeks with your fingertips such that you can feel the resistance. Repeat about three to five times.

4.The surprised face

The surprised face caters to areas around the eyes, which are the most prone to wrinkles and fine lines. As part of it, you will need to breathe in and open your eyes as much as possible such that your eyebrows are also consequently raised. Hold this pose for about 7 seconds and then exhale. Repeat this about five times.

5.The gravity buster

The gravity buster is an exercise that involves picking up the muscles on your skin with the help of the tips of your fingers. The intention of this exercise is to train the muscles to combat the effects of gravity, which leads to skin drooping. To do it, you need to place the tips of your fingers under the corners of your eyes and pull upwards while breathing in, hold this pose for about 10 seconds or so and then slowly release the skin as you exhale. Repeat this about five times.

6.The baby bird pose

The baby bird pose requires you to gently tilt your head backwards while you breathe in and then gently turn the upper part of your neck from one side to the other side while still holding your breath in. Slowly exhale and return back to the normal position; repeat this about eight to ten times. This exercise is especially beneficial while trying to combat a double chin.

7.The squeezed face

Of all the things we’d like to maintain, jaw lines are probably the dearest. The squeezed face is an exercise that helps us achieve just that by keeping our cheeks tucked in, which ensures that the jaw line is rendered more prominent. To do this exercise, you need to take in a deep breath through your mouth such that the air is directed towards the stomach, which will make the cheeks sink in. Then, exhale slowly and repeat the procedure another three or four times.

8.The double V

As the name suggests, the exercise involves making two ‘V’s on the face with your fingers. More specifically, you need to rest the middle fingers of both your hands on either side of the clef of your nose and then place the two index fingers on the outside corners of your eyes. Now, take a deep breath while trying to look upwards without turning your neck, i.e. look upwards by trying to lift your lower eyelids. Gently exhale and repeat this procedure another three times to see thin lines around your eyes reducing.

9.The brow beater

The brow beater, or the brow smoothening exercise, is one of those few yoga facial exercises that help reduce tension lines (sometimes called horizontal forehead lines) on one’s forehead that may develop with age. To do it, you need to place the tips of your fingers between your eyebrows and your hairline pointing inwards, with the tips of your thumb resting on your temples. Then, gently pull outwards such that the skin is allowed to stretch. Repeat this about ten times.

10.The swollen face

The swollen face is an exercise intended to make the muscles in the cheek region supple. It relies on stretching the muscles by inhaling air deeply from the mouth and then transferring it from one side to the other, somewhat like swirling mouthwash while gargling. Do this a couple of times with the cheek muscles at full stretch and then exhale. Repeat this about ten to fifteen times.